Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Movers Clean Us Out

Well, the movers were here yesterday and today, packing up and emptying out the house. (This is Jay the Mover waving goodbye, after packing up the last of our stuff).

Yesterday they shipped off the stuff going by air freight to Nunavut (we are too late for the annual sealift this year, which leaves Montreal in early September, and there are no roads including ice roads, so everything has to go up by air).

Tonight John's band has its last gig in Peterborough, at a Ukuleles for Peace fundraiser. (Long story). So this is it, we're leaving Birdland (we'll come back for a bit more cleaning up, but basically the house is packed up now). Yikes. We'll be in limbo for a while, because we don't have confirmed housing yet, so we're staying with family and friends for a week in Ontario, and then we'll be at the Frobisher Inn in Iqaluit for a while until we get housing.

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pete said...

The magical Kingdom's loss is the frozen tundra's gain. Will miss you great folks..Flying north in November? Maybe instead of Birdland I might call you the Corrigan's. All the best, and Bobcaygeon will always be here for you.

Love and Best Wishes
Pete, Doris, and a flock of Kids.