Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Music Music Music

[Lorraine says]: Its Tuesday night and John is off to yet ANOTHER music practice (this time with a community choral group). I promised him I would load up a short (soundless) video from his musical gig on Sunday night with the Road to Nowhere Band. I tried to load it up, honest, but I think this server is just too slow. I can attest to the fact that yes, indeed, he did play his heart out on Sunday night. So you`ll just have to use your imaginations: picture a (fake plant filled) arctic oasis of a coffee shop, with a band rocking the house. Now imagine John: He would be the one in the back strumming his heart out on the ukulele, playing My Creole Belle, and thanking the uke gods that he found a band that knows that blues legend Taj Mahal uses ukes to back his band. Who woulda thunk that we'd find Taj Mahal uke blues fans in the ARCTIC. Life is weird and wonderful.

I really liked the Road to Nowhere band, and their music. Here's a sample of one of their tunes put to a video showing Iqaluit. This is video double duty for you blog readers: you get to hear the band that John is now playing with PLUS see a little of what Iqaluit is like. The song was written by Errol, one of the band members in the Road to Nowhere. In true calypso form, its also social commentary: in this case, about the taxi thing in Iqaluit. You call a cab, and then often get taken all over town picking up and dropping off other people before you get to your final destination. So here is a taste of Iqaluit, its wild and wooly taxi drives, and the Road to Nowhere Band... Enjoy!


Jenny&Casey said...

Hello, Nice video, intresting to see how things are going on for you. Good place to write a book(John) and ski, that is if you still have them. Have you seen any polar bears yet? Must be cold, dont go getting any frost bites.We were wondering if you have seen the northern lights yet?. Keep warm and keep us infromed on the Northern Chirp

Lots of Love,
Aunty Jenny and Uncle Casey

alleycat said...

John & Lorraine, just caught up on your past couple of weeks. Way to go John - getting in on the music scene and splashing around.
Think about you guys often.
Lorraine, you're inspiring me to blog so, watch for it.

John and Lorraine (a.k.a. "Birdland") said...

Thx for the comments. Nope, haven`t seen any polar bears yet, except for the skinned ones! And the northern lights are out often, which is really neat.

Al, looking forward to reading your blog (a new one?)

Sandra Martin said...

Hi Lorraine and John,
I watched the video and listen to the song and thought it was really great. That place your video taping reminds me of my home during the winter. We don't have that many stores here nearby. We have to travel 28 miles for the city shopping and to the hospital. We do see the northern lights on cold crisp nites here also. And we do see moose and deer crossing quite too often. And some have seen bears also behind their back yards. Other than that, we almost live the same kind of atmosphere. I miss you good folks and think about you all and how you have been doing. Take care and Good Luck ...love ya all, Sandra Martin