Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dreaming of Worms

(Lorraine says): So, I'm sitting in the Ottawa airport, waiting for a flight to Vancouver (where I'm going for work meetings) and dreaming of worms. More specifically, how to convince FirstAir or Canadian North to let me bring worms back with me when I return to Iqaluit (or later). Not just any worms - I want some composting worms.

Would they fly as "pets"? Or special cargo? If I sneak them into a suitcase, they'll freeze in cargo. And what if they escaped - would it be the basis for a northern thriller ("Worms on a Plane")? A little tamer than other wriggly options, I guess.

The problem is that there is next to no garbage diversion in Iqaluit. Everything goes into the landfill. Living with John the Eco-Nazi (I mean that in the kindest way) has made me hyper aware of where all our waste goes. And it just seems so WRONG to put all that good organic matter and those tin cans and newspapers and cardboard into the garbage pail. So, I've been plotting about how to, at least, get some composting worms. Diligent, odourless, ravenous for our banana peels - what could be better? The only question is how to get them to Iqaluit....


Maggie said...

As you know, I have tons of worms. If you can figure out transport, we can supply them.
Have fun in the 'Couv. Work travel to Vancouver can be fun, non?

towniebastard said...

There is a composting society in Iqaluit. Give Jim Little in town a shout and I'm sure he'll be able to answer all of your questions.

The name of the society, by the way, is the Bill MacKenzie Humanatarian Society. A quick Google search will give you some background.

Jackie S said...

"And what if they escaped - would it be the basis for a northern thriller ("Worms on a Plane")?"

LOL! I love it. But keep it on the down-low because you know if those hollywood types catch on, it will be the next great blockbuster hit.