Monday, February 11, 2008

5 Things I Like Best About Living in the North

[Lorraine writes] Nunavut Nonsense has a blog thread going on this topic. Here is my contribution:

Five Things I Like Best About Living in the North:

1. I went from commuting 2500 km a month for work a year ago, to 10 km a month now.

2. A bad traffic jam here is cars stacked five deep at the four-way
stop at lunch.

3. The crazy taxi drivers have "shortcuts" to avoid those "bad traffic jams".

4. My community has a genuine superhero (PolarMan) devoted to good works.

5. When I went shopping for a valentines gift for my sweetheart, I could pick up a snowmobile, or walk two paces over for chocolates.

Lorraine (Northern Chirp)

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senatorhung said...

hmm, my list of top things would include the astonishing absence of the wall of ad marketing that assaults my senses every time i go south now. also, 'suntanning' on a beach of wind-packed snow in april is pretty sweet as well.

here's the link to the scrabulous song:

and video: