Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lorraine Converts John ... to Bollywood Movies

We don't have cable right now. We have a Zip membership (where you rent DVD's through the mail) but it takes forever for the DVD's to go back and forth by mail. So we were desperate last night to watch a video or DVD.

Which is how I finally convinced John to watch a Bollywood movie I have.

And I am proud to report that I have converted John into a Bollywood fan.

We watched Bunty and Bibli, an Indian Bonnie-and-Clyde-type con movie. Except unlike Hollywood, there are those crazy 10 minute long Indian song and dance numbers which pop up throughout the movie. It was SO much fun to watch. And much to his surprise, John was hooked (he even had to go off and download some of the key musical numbers from I-Tunes afterwards...)

Here's info about the Bollywood hit we just watched:


kamla abhatt said...

I am constantly amazed at how Bollywood is growing in a viral way.

I am guessing that you watched the film with subtitles?

How did you discover Bollywood in the first place?

kamla bhatt

grrrlpeace said...

We never did finish the second half! Glad it was fun! I can only do it in small doses though.

Allan Reeve said...

Wellll....if John can do it, i guess i could check it out.

i'm not sure if the Fenelon Falls video store carries any?


Melora said...

Great work.