Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back to Normal: Arctic Cold!

After pestering from family and friends, I'm breaking down and updating the blog again.

Life here is back to 'normal' -- i.e. pretty cold with nice dry crunchy snow. Most days are around -15 now, which is usually in the mid -20s with the windchill. Everything seems very crisp and beautiful. The bay is beginning to freeze over, and I think the last sealift ship with community supplies has left (there may be one or two adventurous last ones).

John took this picture from close to his office, at his new job (he's working as a reporter for Nunatsiaq News:

The other exciting news is that John's new book has come back from the publisher, and it looks beautiful.

Check it out on John's own blog: (If you decide you want a copy, order through John by emailing him at johnbird(at)sympatico(dot)ca (That way John receives a larger share of the sale price) They are $28 + shipping from John (compared to $35 in bookstores and on Amazon, etc.)

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senatorhung said...

welcome back to the blog world lorraine !

please send my congrats to john on the book.

i miss our scrabble games :(